How much hair will I need?

For a full install we suggest at least 3 bundles. Each bundle is 3.5oz keep in mind the longer the bundle the shorter the welf. So for 22 inches or longer we suggest 4 bundles but it is based on your desired fullness.

Does the hair shed?

Little to NO shedding. We must remember that the hair is 100% Virgin Hair which is also human hair and like human hair comes natural shedding but with proper care shedding can be reduced.

What kind of products can be used on hair?

Treat the hair as if it is your very own. Using a good quality shampoo and conditioner avoiding the use of heavy oils/styling products.

How often should I wash the hair?

As often as you like. Remember washing the hair will restore its original quality and remove dirt/oils.

How long does the hair last?

This hair can last for a very long time depending how you maintain it. Treating the hair as if it is your own, taking good care of it will also make it last longer. Normally lasting 6 months to a year. Once you take the hair out we recommend storing it back into its original packaging.

Can hair be dyed?

es hair can be dyed but please keep in mind that once hair as been dyed it is no longer virgin hair since chemicals have been added which could effect the texture making the hair fragile. We recommend getting your hair colored or processed by a professional.

How long is shipping?

For all USA orders shipping is 5-7 business days and for Canada 7-10 business days

How much is shipping?

USA shipping is $6 Canada shipping is $15 for all hair orders. If free shipping is offered there is no cost to USA orders. All orders are shipped from the United States Postal Service.

When will I receive tracking?

Tracking will be sent directly to the email provided during the purchase and can come right away or by the 5th day of processing depending on the order itself.

Where is the orders being shipped from?

All orders are shipped from Richmond, Va

Is hair available for pickup if located in the Richmond, Va area?

Yes we do offer pickup orders.

What is the return policy?

Once an order is shipped there are no returns nor REFUNDS. However you may exchange (fees may apply) or receive store credit.

How can I contact the company about my order?

We can be contacted by email which is the fastest form of communication via Emails will be answered within 2 hours within the business hours 8am-8pm est. We also can be contacted by phone (804) 472-8585 within the same business hours.